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Friday 9:30-5:30
Saturday 9:30-5:00
Sunday 12:00-5:00

Family Owned

Since 1919

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Featured Items

Urban Sectional

123" x 99" (Sofa Avl. Also)

Many Fabrics/Configurations Available*


Element Sofa

Sofa-84" Loveseat-60" Chair-35"

Many Fabrics  Available

Spit Tacks-Brass Studs-No Tacks Avl.

Lin Sofa & Sleeper

Sofa-88" Loveseat-64" Chair-41"

Sofa Starting at $699

Many Fabrics To Choose From*

Lancer 26 Series Sectional & Sofa

101" x 101" 3pc. (2 pc. Avl. Also)

Coil Unit Spring System

3 Cushions For The Rite Feel!!

Flare Sofa

80" Sofa 59" Loveseat 38" Chair

Sofa starting at $1099

Many Fabrics To Choose From*

Lancer 74 Series Sofa & Sleeper

Sofa-91" or 72" Loveseat-51" Chair-29"

Coil Unit Spring Suspension

3 Cushions For The Rite Feel!!

Klaussner Cortland

81" Sofa 57" Loveseat 34" Chair

Sofa Starting at $

Choose From Leather Or Fabric

Gradie Sofa & Sleeper

Sofa-82" Loveseat-60" Chair-37"

Sofa starting at  $899

Many Fabrics To Choose From

Lancer 80 Series Sofa & Sleepers

Sofa-85" or 76" Loveseat-63" Chair-38"

Coil Unit Spring Suspension

Many Fabrics To Choose From

Hybrid Sectional or Sofa

90" x 68" (Sofa Also Avl.)

Many Fabrics/Configurations Available*


Lancer 56 Series Sectional & Sofa

93" x 117" (Sofa Avl. Also)

Many Fabrics/Configurations Available

Coil Spring Suspension

Mont Sofa

Sofa-87" Loveseat-63" Chair-40"

Sofa starting at $1299*

Many Fabrics Avl. w/ or w/o  Studs


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